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Dread Pirate Abbie Treasure Map


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Imagine it’s 1423 and Dread Pirate Abbie and her all girl gang of Misfit Pirates are sailing the high seas. They collect the rarest of artifacts leaving only this vivid treasure map broken into pieces in a small cave, on a small island on Canada’s west coast. Your mission: to complete this puzzle to find clues to a rare collection of treasures buried on Wallace island (If the raccoons haven’t reached it first) In this puzzle you’ll find, Compass, Mermaids, Rum bottles, Pirate ships and more.


Piece Count - 410 hand drawn wooden pieces
Finished Puzzle Size - 19 x 13 inches
Designed + Made on Salt Spring Island, BC


This puzzle ships from our studio on Salt Spring Island. We aim to have your puzzle in the mail in 1-2 business days after your order is placed. For more information on shipping times please click here.