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A bit about us

We are Aaron and Kat, from Salt Spring Island BC, founders and creatives behind Pacific Puzzle Co. We are also partners in crime and lovers of weird puzzles. We were inspired to create a puzzle company 4 years ago after a winter storm left us without power for six days in our island home. We started assembling puzzles by candlelight, but were most enchanted by a small wooden puzzle we had purchased years before. Soon after we made it our mission to figure out how to make these beautiful wooden puzzles more relevant to our personal style. Shortly after Pacific Puzzle co was born.

Break Free From Tech

We wanted something fresh and exciting and relevant to our style. Combine that with a desire to break free from tech time and the brain numbing aspects of our personal devices. Our mission is to start a retro revolution. To bring back quality time away from technology, one piece at a time. Puzzles have the ability to bring us together, inspire conversation and test our mental faculties.

"I spent 20 years pursuing my passion as a working hairdresser, salon owner and educator of young and up and coming stylists. My specialty was the suitability, structure and design of a haircut. When the time came to hang up my scissors, I looked for other creative outlets for inspiration. Translating line work, shapes and symmetry from hair to puzzles has been a natural yet creatively challenging transition." Aaron

Creating the Perfect Puzzle

The puzzle process begins with a search for imagery which conveys an emotional and creative response. We ask ourselves 3 key questions when selecting an image - Do we get a feeling of nostalgia? What story can we create around the image? What sort of weird and whimsy shapes would we love to see in this puzzle?

Kat completed an art and design diploma in Alberta before venturing into Entrepreneurship. A love for industrial arts and mixed media, together with each respective technical processes were driving factors in the art Kat was inspired to create. She enjoys the combination of the whimsical and the practical that puzzle making brings.

A few of our puzzle images we have designed together from scratch, for the remaining prints we curated a selection of vintage and whimsical prints. Twice yearly we create a mood board for new and seasonal prints. Together we comb over each piece making sure they meet our ‘Heirloom quality standards’. We have also started collaborating with local graphic artists + painters to create puzzles featuring their images.

One of favourite parts of this business is hearing from customers, who they built their puzzles with + the connections they made. Don't hesitate to drop us a message below, we would love to hear from you!

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